Lee Zeldin – Pro-Life – for Governor

As I’ve indicated previously, while the purpose of this blog is not to advance partisan politics, there will be times when the importance of a critical election, or the quality of a candidate, prompts me to make a recommendation.  

Such is the case with New York’s gubernatorial election, and its critical pro-life implications with the Supreme Court apparently poised to overturn Roe v. Wade and return the abortion issue to the jurisdiction of state governments.

New York’s gubernatorial primary is next Tuesday, June 28. Early voting has already commenced. And so I take this opportunity to share with you a letter I have co-signed, along with several other Long Island pro-life leaders, endorsing stalwart pro-life Congressman Lee Zeldin for the Republican nomination for Governor of New York.  


                                                                                                          June 2022

Dear Pro-Life Friend,

With the U.S. Supreme Court apparently poised to finally overturn Roe v. Wade, New York’s powerful abortion lobby—and its radical supporters in our state government—are moving frantically to solidify New York’s standing as the abortion capital of America.

Not satisfied with disgraced Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s extreme 2018 law allowing abortion up until birth, Gov. Kathy Hochul is now promising to pour $35 million in state funds—our tax dollars—into promoting abortions and supporting the state’s already lucrative abortion industry. Moreover, she and the radical pro-abortion Democrats who control the state legislature are targeting pro-life pregnancy centers—and their loving services to mothers and children—for extinction because they do not refer for abortions. In the name of “choice,” they want to ensure that abortion is the only choice available to women in crisis.

All this makes this year’s gubernatorial election especially critical.

And fortunately, we have—for the first time—a real opportunity to elect a truly pro-life governor: Congressman Lee Zeldin.

Congressman Zeldin’s pro-life convictions are not driven by political calculation. They are deeply rooted in the profound personal experience of his twin daughters’ dangerously premature birth, their tenacious struggle to survive, and his decision, with his wife Diana, to reject advice that they “let her go,” when they were told one of the girls would be severely disabled if she survived.

Today, Lee and Diana’s daughters are both bright, beautiful, talented—and healthy—high school students; and Lee Zeldin is forthright in sharing this powerful personal testimony as the foundation of his unwavering commitment to the sanctity of human life.

  • As Governor Lee Zeldin will be a strong, principled voice for the protection of all vulnerable, innocent human lives: the unborn, the disabled, the elderly, the sick—as well as innocent victims of violent crime.
  • As Governor Lee Zeldin will fight to assure that pro-life New Yorkers are no longer forced to be complicit in abortions through our tax dollars.
  • As Governor Lee Zeldin will work with his pro-life state health commissioner to assure that pro-life pregnancy resource centers will be free from government harassment, and able to continue offering life-affirming alternatives to mothers who seek another choice besides abortion.
  • Lee Zeldin has been endorsed by the New York State Right to Life Committee.
  • Lee Zeldin has received 100% pro-life rating from the Long Island Coalition for Life.

Lee Zeldin will usher in a new era of pro-life leadership in New York State government. To do so, however, he first needs our votes to secure the Republican nomination.

Lee Zeldin has stood firmly for the pro-life cause during all his years in public life—in Albany as a state Senator, and in Washington as a member of Congress. We need Republican pro-life voters to stand with him now!!  Please vote for Lee Zeldin for Governor in the Republican primary!!!

Primary Day is Tuesday, June 28, with polls open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. at your normal polling place. Early voting is underway now and will run through June 26.

For more information on the Zeldin campaign, early voting, and primary day voting, please call Bill Doyle at 631-574-0072 and/or email celtic77william9@gmail.com.

In Defense of Life

Rick Hinshaw, Former Respect Life Director, Diocese of Rockville Centre                  

Bill Doyle, Past NYS Right to Life PAC Director

Lorraine Gariboldi

Eileen Hinshaw                                                                                

Frank Gariboldi    

Published by Rick Hinshaw

I have spent the last three decades in primarily Catholic communications work: as a reporter, news editor, columnist, and for eight years editor of The Long Island Catholic; several years as co-host and co-producer of The Catholic Forum program on the diocesan Telecare channel; two stints as Director of Communications for the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights; and a year as Associate Director for Communications at the New York State Catholic Conference. I also served for three years as Public Information Officer for the late Nassau County District Attorney Denis Dillon, a staunchly Catholic and active pro-life leader. Over that more than 30-year career, I have gained an ever deeper understanding of and appreciation for the moral and social teachings of our Church. In my various roles I have lent my voice to articulating those teachings and their applicability to the critical issues of our time. That is what I intend to do with this blog. Moreover, at a time when our political and social disagreements seem to have degenerated into constant vitriol, vilification, verbal abuse and intolerance of those who hold differing opinions, I hope that this blog can contribute, in some small way, to a restoration of respectful debate and discussion, where we can defend our beliefs forcefully without demonizing any who disagree with us. As a Catholic commentator, that is what I have always striven to do--remembering that even as we are called to stand firmly in defense of our Church, her teachings, and our right to be heard in the public square, we are also called always to be the face of Christ to the world--most especially to those with whom we disagree.

3 thoughts on “Lee Zeldin – Pro-Life – for Governor

  1. Thanks, Rick.
    It’s good to know we may have a pro-life Governor in our state come the final results of Election Day.
    It’s been a long time since we have had a Governor looking out for all the lives in our state – not just those which can be seen but those which are unseen until birth.
    Msgr. Batule


  2. We are in South Carolina 2 years now. You’d think we are on another plan as none of the NY moral horrors exist here – yet. There is a huge migration taking place here and no doubt plenty of liberal Marxists may arrive but I pray they will not prevail. We are saddened by NY’s political plight as the unbelievable actions of this and the prior “Catholic” governors continue. And the bishops remain silent leaving the 50% of the faithful supporting evil.
    We pray for you in hopes that Lee Zeldin will be elected!


  3. I appreciate the pro-life support being pushed toward Lee Zeldin. However as a Trade Tower widow i remain concerned about our open southern birder. It was Rob Astorino who took the wraps off of illegals being dumped by bus and plane all over the nation. If you think YORK family cannot be touched by terrorism you are wrong. It must be stopped snd the candidate who promises action on that gets my vote. The open border is responsible for fentenyl deaths to the tune of 100,000 a year. Sex traffickers and terrorist arrive with no one stopping them. Its time to put an end. Who in your family will you sacrifice to crazed liberal picies?


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