Catholic Teaching and Prudential Judgment

While I have emphasized from the start that I want this blog to be a forum for the kind of civil discourse so absent in today’s public square, I did not intend for that to mean an absence of strongly stated convictions. My point was and is simply that we can argue forcefully for whatContinue reading “Catholic Teaching and Prudential Judgment”

Vote to Save Pregnancy Care Centers in NY

I wrote last week about the loving care we need to provide—and that the Church and the pro-life movement have been providing for years—for mothers in crisis pregnancy situations. I noted that we can sometimes lose sight of the personal dimensions of this and other life and justice issues, amid the broader—and necessary—political struggles overContinue reading “Vote to Save Pregnancy Care Centers in NY”

Abortion’s Victims, Born and Unborn

October is Respect Life Month. Begun by the U.S. bishops in 1972, its intent, at least in part, is to focus attention prior to Election Day on the broad implications of laws and policies that impact on the sanctity of life. At the same time, we must never lose sight of the personal impact thatContinue reading “Abortion’s Victims, Born and Unborn”

Debate was appalling; Will Barrett hearings be worse?

Did you find that debate as painful to watch as I did? President Trump was beyond rude with his constant interruptions. While his target was Joe Biden, he deprived all of us of the opportunity to hear a clear, decisive exchange on the two candidates’ very different records, philosophies, and policy ideas. In my view,Continue reading “Debate was appalling; Will Barrett hearings be worse?”

A “single issue”?

I have tried to avoid using this site for direct political advocacy. I knew that would be difficult during a presidential campaign in these hyper-partisan times, and some commenters have expressed frustration that I have not been more pointedly political. Of course, I know politics and government are central to most of the critical issuesContinue reading “A “single issue”?”

Reagan modeled civil discourse we need now

My wife Eileen and I are hunkered down this week under Cuomo’s quarantine, following our trip to California last week to visit the Reagan Ranch. The visit was arranged by our daughter Clare, who works for Young America’s Foundation (YAF)—and we are so grateful to that organization and its president Ron Robinson, for preserving thisContinue reading “Reagan modeled civil discourse we need now”

Convention prayers

Should Catholic clerics accept invitations to lead prayers at political conventions?  This question resurfaces every presidential election year, and 2020 is no exception. Writing a guest column for CNN, former Augustinian priest Brian Frawley scolded Cardinal Timothy Dolan for offering an invocation at this year’s Republican National Convention. Frawley apparently had no objection to JesuitContinue reading “Convention prayers”